About Vacationandcuisine

Vacationandcuisine.com is a new marketing company dedicated to the promotion of local cuisine and its destinations. Experience on your gastronomic holiday, food, traditions and follow any leisure activity suited to you. We act as a portal to our tour operators that with expertise and reliability organize culinary packages for foodies.

Vacation and cuisine is all about finding stimulation for your next culinary holiday, we are neither a travel agency, travel company nor planner. By visiting our website we aim to be inspirational, visually appealing and easy to use, finding your next holiday destination should be fun. Once you like a tour just press on the inquiry button and you will be straight away redirected to the tour operator’s page for more detailed information or booking inquiries.

We gather together travel companies or cooking schools and offer you holiday destinations and travel experiences all over the world. Tours are chosen on the criteria of their gastronomic experience, local or regional cuisine and on the leisure activities open to you. From cooking courses Umbria, farmers markets in Valencia or food and wine tours to Singapore, Vacation and Cuisine is creating the best search tool on the web for foodies’ holiday.

Whether you’re planning a trip or want just day dreaming a little bit where your next trip could be, vacation and cuisine should be your first port of call.

About the Founder

Marco Fuso

Born into an Italian family, Marco’s passion for good food is to be expected.  Growing up in Germany and living in multicultural London for around ten years, he returned to Italy after having come up with his brainchild ‘vacationandcusisine.com’.

Through this website Marco combines his love for travel with his passion for food.  By creating ‘vacationandcusine.com’ he sets out to give visitors a website where they can find great holiday destinations and experience great local food.

His secondary aim is to provide a platform for visitors to gain an understanding of different cultures through food and maybe, in his own way, reduce some of the prejudice towards people from other shores.  Marco says ‘This might seem overly idealistic but, in my opinion, in life you should always give it your ‘best shot’ and see what happens’.

Marco graduated from Westminster University with a BA (Hons) in Tourism and Planning.  After graduating, he worked in product marketing roles for several years, for B2B companies in the US and UK, before starting up the Vacations & Cuisine online site.  He has launched many products into EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) markets including the production of marketing collateral to support dealers and sales teams.

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