Top 10 Street Food to Taste in Bangkok

Thailand is a country known for its beaches and its diverse culture.  Included in this culture is the importance of the overall culinary experience that one can find while visiting Thailand.  The choices in food are amazing and appealing to the palate. If you are considering a holiday in Thailand, take some time and research all of the mouthwatering choices not only in restaurants but also in the food stalls located in the capital city of Bangkok.

What do you look for in a street food vendor? First, the location should be clean. If the vendor has a tray set out with ketchup, mustard and various other condiments and that tray is clean, then the rest of the kitchen and prep area will, most likely, be just as clean. Look for a street food vendor that has a lot of customers, meaning that the food is not going to sit around for long periods of time. Thai cuisine uses very different spices, Thai spices, which may not be used in other Asian countries. Thai food can be hot, or somewhat spicy, sweet and tangy at the same time. Consider the location of the food stall and figure out what is locally offered in that area. Most of the time, keeping your choices local will be your best bet.

The following are some great choices for the top ten list of street food in Bangkok:

1.Som Tam – This well known dish is a spicy salad, made from shredded un-ripened papaya. This dish includes four main flavors; lime, palm sugar, salty fish and hot chili spice. It is customary for this dish to be made to order, to suit the individual customer.

2.Khao Mun Gai Tod – This Thai dish is also referred to as Chinese chicken rice. The rice is cooked in chicken broth and the chicken fried and served over the rice. The fried chicken is cooked in several types of sauces and then cut into bite sized pieces.

3. Rat Naa – Although the spelling of the name of this dish may turn off a few customers, this dish consists of noodles and pork in thick gravy. The gravy base also has kale in it.

4. Ba Mee Nam – this Thai dish is a soup, made from egg noodles with wonton. The soup includes pork, shrimp, bean sprouts and other delectable items.

5. Pad Thai – This Thai dish is very well known and very popular. It consists of stir fried rice noodles in combination with pork, shrimp, tofu or chicken, or all four of them. The meat is combined with various sauces for a very authentic Thai meal. Also included are peanuts and in some cases parts of the banana flower.

6. Johk – This meal is like porridge and many individuals eat this for their breakfast. It is made from rice and is very thick. It also includes pork.

7. Pad See EW – the main part of this dish is using pan fried rice noodles. Broccoli and small pieces of the meat of your choice are also a component of this traditional dish.

8. Khao Pad – This dish is simply the Thai version of fried rice. It includes much of the same components as traditional Chinese fried rice only using Thai Jasmine rice in the place of the long grain rice. Other ingredients include various meats traditional to the Thai people.

9.Moo Pad Krapow – this dish is a spicy pork meal fried in Thai basil.

10. Khao Moo Daeng – this dish is red pork with rice. Oyster and soy sauces is a key ingredient.

As you can easily see, the options for the best street food in Bangkok are limitless. On your next visit to this unique city, stop at any of the food stalls and try out a few of these traditional Thai dishes. You are bound to find many that please your palate.

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  1. Nice listing, must check these out!

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