A Quick guide on the cuisines of Singapore

The flavours of Singapore

So, you’re ready for your first culinary holiday to Singapore. Presumably you’ve thought about it for a while, talked it over with friends and are doing some internet research before taking the plunge. (And yes we are still talking about your trip to Singapore)

Few cuisines in the world can claim to be as cosmopolitan as the culinary traditions of Singapore and although a small country; Singapore offers you an incredible variety of colourful and multicultural dishes. Whether you are looking for a good restaurant, market or food centre, Singapore has it all.

You can see a reflection of the country’s cultural diversity in the array of local cuisines on the menu across Singapore. You can find, in food centres and local restaurants, Malay food, Indian vegetarian thali, a range of naans and briyanis. Cantonese dim sum, Hainanese chicken rice, Peking duck, Fujian Hokkien mee (fried noodles) and popiah (spring rolls). The abundant hawker centres are also the most popular destinations for people in search of variety in tastes available at low prices.

While there are a number of cuisines available in Singapore, some of them are particularly associated with this culinary destination. Here is your quick guide to the flavours of Singapore before you decide you’re definitely going to jump in and start your holiday:

Chinese Cuisine

One of the main players in the country’s gastronomic array is the Chinese cuisine. You can enjoy the delicious dim sum, roasted meats and double-boiled soups brought by the Cantonese immigrants, the spicy dishes from Szechuan and the flavourful chicken rice with its roots from the Hainan province. Hearty meat dishes and appetising noodles are a part of Hokkien meals while Teochew dishes include lighter items such as steamed seafood, comforting porridge and clear soups.

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