Flavors to Behold – Bangkok’s Best Restaurants

Though it may not get the recognition it deserves, Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, offers a veritable treasure trove of entertainment and activities for visitors coming from far and wide.  And when Bangkok beckons, you had better listen – the city of eight million is not only the largest city in Thailand but also a truly unique vacation destination guaranteed to produce memories that will last a lifetime.  From the scenic views of the Chao Phraya River to the historic temples and shrines standing in tribute to kings of years long past, a trip through Bangkok is nothing short of wondrous to behold.  The city’s long, storied history is unmatched by any place on earth, with thousands of years and countless ages waiting to tell their tales.  But among the historic sites and museums, guests can also find something that may be unexpected – first-class cuisine.

For exploring Bangkok’s treasures is sure to inspire an appetite, and in response, a thriving community of excellent restaurants with flavorful foods has developed.  Guests can choose from authentic local dishes brimming with pride or even a wide array of international favorites to make them feel at home.  Here are a few top picks.

B-Ok Restaurant and Bar – No trip to Bangkok would be complete without a taste of the local flair and flavor, and B-Ok is one of the best places to experience both.  The unique atmosphere and delicious food will provide a plethora of reasons as to why Thai food is one of the most savored and imitated cuisines in the world.  Set in a beautiful, relaxed environment, B-Ok eases guests into a state of laid-back bliss before serving some of Bangkok’s best comfort food and classic dishes.  Statues, trees, potted plants and tranquil waters bring the mind to a peaceful state in preparation for mouthfuls of pleasure from dishes such as Steamed Seabass with Garlic and Lime Soup, Sauteed Squid with Egg Yolk and Braised Beef in Hot and Sour Soup.  B-Ok offers every local delicacy one can imagine, from tasteful appetizers to epic entrees.  B-Ok Restaurant and Bar is great for families or intimate dates, and the tranquil setting can sometimes give rise to a scene of vibrant nightlife when it’s time for karaoke or a major sporting event on the big screen.  B-Ok is a can’t-miss experience for any visitor to Bangkok.

– For a slightly different, but still deeply satisfying experience, head down to Old Town, home of Himali Cha Cha Restaurant.  While certainly not as rich as the history of Bangkok itself, this establishment has a significant story behind it.  The restaurant began with a cook named Cha Cha, who cooked for Bangkok’s wealthiest and most well-known personalities for four decades.  The restaurant, and the legacy of hearty Indian fare, has been carried on by Cha Cha’s son, ensuring that guests will feel as though they are among Bangkok’s elite.  Tantalizingly tender meats emerge from the Tandoor, accompanied by fluffy rice and delectable curries.  Rarely are such regional specialties transported so faithfully and full of flavor; each meal at Himali Cha Cha will take diners on a taste trek across Asia.  Sizzling chicken and mutton cuts will melt in your mouth and the crispy samosas are sure to delight. Just remember to leave room for dessert, as Kulfi, a classic Indian twist on ice cream, is the perfect way to end any meal.

Mezzaluna – Mezzaluna is perhaps the last thing you’d expect to find in the heart of Bangkok – five-star Italian dining.  As unlikely as it seems, it’s true.  Mezzaluna dazzles with modern, stylish decor and truly breathtaking riverside vistas and views of the city.  Polished wooden columns and wide windows offer a stunning atmosphere that is rivaled only by the quality of the food. Mezzaluna offers fresh ingredients and a wide array of dishes that provide diners with a true taste of Italy.  Generous servings of risotto and ravioli provide perfect pairings with Mezzaluna’s famous matsuzaka beef sirloin and exquisite, tender veal.  The restaurant fills every inch of every dish with the signature spices and flavors of Italy, and each one, from the appetizers to succulent desserts such as the pineapple ravioli filled with mango, will bring your taste buds to bliss.

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