May I introduce you to….. Rita!

Hi, my name is Rita and I work in a take away restaurant in Cutrofiano, (Italy / Puglia)I love to cook and eat, even though as a child I ate very little or almost nothing, my mother was so worried about me that she even send me to a pediatrician. My passion for food started […]

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Market in Istanbul

Top 10 dishes not to miss in Istanbul

Serving as a crossroads between Asia and Europe, Istanbul is a city with a uniquely mixed and diverse culture. A living testament to the way in which people of all races and religions can live in harmony together, Istanbul brings together the most bewildering blend of influences from the East and West. Nowhere is this […]

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punjabi cuisine

Enjoy the Tastes of India

As a country that is rich in history, culture, and beautiful scenic views, India has a lot to offer the people of all kinds. Diversity is the main uniqueness of this country. If you love to witness changes, book your flight tickets for India and experience more than your expectations. With different pleasant weathers, multi-dimensional […]

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London Olympics Guide For Foodies

London Olympics 2012 Guide for Foodies

You may have noticed there are one or two rather special events taking place this year. There’s been the Queen’s Jubilee and a scattering of events for foodies. The most eagerly awaited event though is a small matter known as the London Olympics 2012. There have been one or two things in the press about […]

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CheapOair takes pride in giving accreditation to Marco’s contribution on CheapOair Travel Blog. ‘Vacation and Cuisine’ is the right choice for the foodies, whether they are on culinary tours or on cooking holidays. Even if you’re not a gastronome, you’ll eagerly desire to eat variety of food after looking at the delicious food photos on […]

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Chicago Style Food on the Menu

Chicago Style Food on the Menu

Chicago has always been a vibrant and interesting city both for a great vacation and cuisine experience and much can be said about its vibrant tastes as a place of music such as blues and soul, and well as its lively comedy clubs and the city continues to cultivate a strong classical music, popular music, […]

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